Master of Public economics and management

The First Public economics and management program in Vietnam, awarded by the world's leading universities, trained at the education and research facility of the Ministry of Planning and Investment


The program is designed according to international standards, updated with the latest developments in Economics and Public Management training, and adjusted to suit the specific context of Vietnam.

The program equips students with modern thinking, fundamental theories, and the latest tools for economic management and policy analysis and evaluation.

The program is sponsored and supported by the French Government, along with many scholarships for candidates from the public sector, universities, research institutes, and talented students.



International degree

Degree awarded by Rennes University 1, Top 7 public universities in France



50% tuition free support from the French government. Maximum scholarship of 100% tuition fee


Pioneer program

Pioneer program in specialized training in Economics and Public Management according to international standards


Flexible training time

Flexible training schedule on weekends, suitable for working students



Acclaimed domestic and international professors and senior experts from Government ministries and departments


Teaching assistants

Dedicated and responsible teaching assistants and training support team



Have opportunities to connect domestic and foreign partner networks


Practical opportunities in France

Opportunity to study, research and receive degrees in France


Practical experience

Practical experience through seminars with leaders of the Ministry of Planning and Investment


The University of Rennes 1 is a public university located in the city of Rennes, France. It was founded in 1970. The University is in the group of top 7 universities in France (according to the Web Ranking of World Universities) and the 282nd top university in the world (Global Universities Ranking).

It is the cradle of training a lot of the world's leading politicians and economists such as:

  • Mr. Christian Noyer : Governor of the Bank of France (2003-2015), Vice President of the European Central Bank (2015-now)
  • Mr. Jean-Jacques Urvoas: Minister of Justice of France (2014-2017)
  • Mr. Yves Cochet: Minister of Environment and Regional Planning of France (2002-2007)
  • Mr. Mostapha Laabid: Vice President of the French National Assembly (2012-now)


The Academy of Policy and Development is a public academy under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, carry out state management functions in planning, investment, development and statistics.

Over 15 years of establishment and development, the Academy is a postgraduate training facility in the fields of public policy, economics and management, law, etc., The Academy aims to become a prestigious university in the national education system for training, scientific research, consulting and macro policy criticism.

With a team of staff and lecturers of the Academy including Meritorious Teacher, Associate Professors, Doctors, and Masters trained at prestigious universities in Vietnam and abroad, the Academy has been a trustworthy partner of universities, educational organizations in Vietnam and abroad (World Bank, USAID, KOICA,...).


Program was taught by acclaimed domestic and international professors and senior experts

  • Prof. Christophe Tavera

    Vice President of the French National Academy of Sciences

    THead of Economics and Management Department of the Francophone University Association (AUF)

  • Prof. Jean-Jacques Durand

    Former Chairman of the Committee of Economic Science Experts, member of the Council of National Universities, France

    Former vice-chairman of the board of the University of Rennes 1

  • Prof. Eric Avenel

    Head of Faculty of Economics, University of Rennes 1

    Director of the bilingual program in French

  • Associate Prof. Dao Van Hung

    Former member of the National Financial and Monetary Policy Advisory Council

    Former president of the Academy of Policy and Development

  • Associate Prof. Tran Trong Nguyen

    President of the Academy of Policy and Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment

  • Dr. Nguyen Thac Hoat

    Former Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors of Industrial and Commercial Bank – Viettinbank

    Former Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Banking


Enrollment quota:

35 students

Admission method:

Admission is based on evaluating application documents and interviewing candidates about basic issues of the major they are applying for.

Application checklist:

Instructions for application documents


Group 1:

Advisory and policy-making officials from the state management sector; lecturers and researchers from the public sector; Students graduating with credit grades or higher from domestic and foreign universities.

Group 2:

Managers and staffs come from the non-profit sector, social organizations and businesses.

Group 3:

Advisory staffs and policy makers from the state management sector of other countries.

Group 4:

Final year university students (who have completed 90% of the training program) have the opportunity to register and transfer early to the program.


Training period: 12 months

Language: English (With Vietnamese Assistant)

No. Subjects Credit
1 Public economics 6
2 Microeconomics 6
3 Macroeconomics 6
4 Statistical tools for program evaluation 6
5 Research methodology 6
6 Analysis and evaluation of public policy 6
7 Economics of money, banking and financial markets 6
8 Public project appraisal 6
9 Econometrics in analysis and forecasting of socio-economics 6
10 Management of public finance 6
11 Master thesis 15


Tuition fees for training in Rennes, France: 260 million VND

Scholarships* Rate HActual paid amount**
Scholarship 1: Applicable to all Vietnamese National candidates. 50% 130 million VND
Scholarship 2: Applicable to candidates who are officers of the Planning and Investment sector. 60% 104 million VND
Scholarship 3: Applicable to candidates from the state management sector, Universities, and Research Institutes. 55% 117 million VND
Scholarship 4: Applicable to candidates who are students of the Academy of Policy and Development with good and excellent academic achievements. 55% 117 million VND

* Each course has 1 scholarship covering 100% of tuition named "Talented MPI scholarship" for excellent candidates (based on application and entrance interview results).

** During the course, additional costs may arise (international diploma management costs, sightseeing costs, field trips…) but must not exceed 7% of the total tuition fee.